Ruby Lychee

 | image by foraged photography. for iluma fine foods
 | image by foraged photography. for iluma fine foods

Ruby Lychee

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We use premium grade Callebaut couverture ruby chocolate, ‘the fourth chocolate’ which joins dark, milk and white with a natural pink colour and fruity tone. Savour the slightly tart fruity notes achieved through the unique fermentation process of this rare cocoa bean varietal.

Our lightly ruby chocolate mousse is paired with layers of lychee gelee made with premium lychee purees and a light sponge base with high shine mirror glaze finish. Optional extra - two textured finish with velvet spray and mirror glaze (as pictured)

Gluten Free option available, please note, the gluten free product does not contain gluten as an ingredient but may contain traces of gluten due to shared equipment therefore this product may not be suitable for persons with a gluten allergy or severe gluten intolerance. Product may contain traces of nuts and seeds.

6 inch cake serves 6 - 8, 8 inch cake serves 8-12.

Photo for illustration purpose only, finished design may vary. Please specify any specific design requirements you may have at the time of ordering.

Three days notice requested. Please contact us if you require a cake within a shorter timeframe and we will do our best to accomodate your request where possible.

Dietary Requirements:
Mixed medium decorative finish (mirror glaze and velvet spray):
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